• More Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS and McLaren 720S runs from a stop and a roll

      It is already well established the McLaren 720S is the faster car but the GT2 RS in the right hands is the better handling car. Still, this a rare pair of cars to see race each other so this video from Brazil showing multiple drag and rolling start runs is appreciated.

      You will need to jump ahead to the 5:15 mark to watch the runs as these Brazilians sure like to talk.

      The launch in the first run is fairly even and the 720S pulls ahead as expected. Still, a fairly close run. The GT2 RS is a monster from a stop.

      The rolling race is next and the 720S easily dispatches the GT2 RS which puts up a decent fight.

      They swap drivers and do it all over again.

      The GT2 RS gets a better launch and a slight jump taking the win. The 720S could not run it down in time.The roll race goes to the GT2 RS from what looks to be operator error.

      They decide to do a third round with the same drivers and again the Porsche gets the better launch in the dig race and wins. The 720S gets a jump and wins the roll race easily.

      You get the idea that the cars are close enough that if the 720S driver is not on his game the GT2 RS can win. To ensure the 720S is not a problem, a GT2 RS owner should go get a tune.

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