• 2020 Porsche 911 (992) GT3 testing video clearly highlights naturally aspirated flat-6

      The GT3 is not losing its naturally aspirated motor. At least, not yet. Just last month the click baiters over at Autocar posted an article claiming the GT3 is going turbo. This despite Porsche themselves hinting at a 9500 rpm naturally aspirated flat-6 motor.

      This latest testing video clearly highlights a naturally aspirated flat-6. If Porsche's hint are anything to go on expect a redline over 9000 rpm and 4.0 liters. We might even see a 4.2 but at that point we truly are at the end of the design as there is little to no more displacement to gain.

      There are claims of a manual gearbox and it certainly sound like the tester could be a manual based on the sound of the gear shifts.

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        your title says GT2 FYI
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        your title says GT2 FYI
        It happens, thanks.