• Porsche will build a Carrera T with the 992 generation 911

      The Carrera T is arguably the purest expression of the 911 in the Porsche lineup today. It is not about power but the driving experience. Porsche keeps things light and simple. They strip out weight, give it a manual, a limited slip differential, shorter gearing, and focus on the driving experience.

      It's the next best thing to a turbocharged GT3 in some ways and it comes in at a fraction of what a GT3 or GT3 RS would cost you. The car is a hit.

      There are some people out there wondering if Porsche will do another Carrera T and current owners hope Porsche does not hoping to flip the cars down the line. Well, rest assured Porsche fans, the T will come back for the 992 generation.

      Here is chief engineer of 911 development August Achleitner when asked if the Carrera T would return:

      Absolutely. In the last half-year, I almost only drove a Carrera T [with a] manual and I love this car. It's just pure. The only option I have beside the navigation system is a sunroof. Wonderful.
      PorscheBoost agrees with him. Hopefully the 992 generation will be even lighter.

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      1. F16HTON's Avatar
        F16HTON -
        So looking forward to this.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Same here. I just hope they they don't screw up the shift lever.