• Motorweek tests the 718 Boxster GTS PDK - 0-60 in 3.7, 12.2@116 1/4 mile

      The 718 Porsche models do not get nearly the respect they deserve. Yes, they feature four-cylinder boxer motors but they are based on the same 9A2 modular architecture as the 911 flat-6 engines.

      The motors are potent as you can tell by the acceleration test. 0-60 in the GTS takes just 3.7 seconds and the 1/4 mile goes by in 12.2 seconds at 116 miles per hour. That kind of acceleration will humble a 991.1 Carrera.

      Really to see the potential of this motor and the 718's in general we will need turbocharger upgrades. Cores are hard to come by to machine for hybrid upgrades so the market will likely have to wait until someone develops a complete turbo upgrade that does not use the factory housing.

      The 718 just is not getting the attention of the 911 in the aftermarket just yet but there is plenty of potential to be untapped.

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        zuffenhouse -
        Ehresmann in Germany tuning the 718 S with 64mm compressor stock VTG got 450hp on a MAHA dyno with a downpipe and tune (that's calaculated crank hp; albeit with high octane fuel and a 'not recommended for track' disclaimer). They haven't (yet) done the GTS with 67mm compressor, but Cobb published Stage 1 results show significant gains from S to GTS.

        Considering all of this, I wonder if the constraints on stock configuration at this point are less compressor-size and more: 1) back-pressure (thus partially explaining Ehresmann's result); and 2) ICAC heat-soak (as cited in several places by Cobb).

        Since the new air-to-water intercooler (ICAC) has its own dedicated 'low-temperature' cooling system utilizing two hip-mounted side-intake-fed radiator/fan 'thermal units', maybe enhanced air-ducting and/or improved thermal units or the ICAC itself would address constraint 2.

        A street-legal high-flow exhaust system (in lieu of downpipe) would address constraint 1.

        *Then* with those constraints raised, the Tial VTG with 68mm compressor could offer a big step up for the S -- although I don't know if those units from/for the 911 include the integrated wastegate design which was new for the 718.