• Hydra Motor Works customer spreading lies about the 991.2 3.0 turbo upgrade and competitor's tunes

      You may have noticed Hydra Motor Works marketing at the expense of others online. It recently started with some shots lobbed at Cobb Tuning. Now their customer @cosmo is running around the forums claiming is trying to steal their software and bricking ECU's.

      This is absurd to anyone who reads this forum as they know I am not a tuner. Gintani tuned my originally on methanol and 91 octane with upgraded turbos (the first in the world to do so) over eight months ago.

      Since then I have done too many WOT pulls to count, 1/4 mile runs, and 60-130 pulls and the car runs like a champ. It is the most powerful 991.2 3.0 in the world making 540 whp on a Mustang dyno until someone proves otherwise. That is on the stock intercoolers, stock headers, and 91 octane pump fuel by the way.

      The only issue is a CEL due to no cats (which is normal with modern ECU's) and a TPMS fault as I am not running the factory rims with TPMS sensors but aftermarket 19 inch drag radials.

      Anyone is free to call up Gintani and verify this information. Anyone is free to look at the video and see the car pulls like a freight train on Gintani's tune. It is hardly sitting anywhere with a 'bricked ECU' waiting to rip off Hydra's software that is far behind anyway with development on this hardware. Anyone is free to visit VF-Engineering and test drive the car next month after it gets Tial Sport intercoolers, inlets, headers, and a dyno tune revision. works diligently developing and testing hardware and software to go with it for the 991.2 3.0 platform doing so since 2017. has more miles on a turbo upgraded 991.2 3.0 than anyone else in the world. will not stand for this defamation and will forward all correspondence to its legal team.

      What Hydra's customer posted is flat out libel:

      Quote Originally Posted by cosmo
      Just wanted to follow up since sticky took it upon himself to take away reputition points so I couldnt post here for 5 days now. This is the kind of person that runs this site and often gets banned from other webpages due to his lack of maturity. I would not recommend anything he sells and or says because he cannot even get his own car running. He is currently trying to rip off the hydra tune and resell it but his lack of knowledge will brick ECM's at your expense. What a tool..
      It is amazing a grown man would take it upon himself to try to damage someone's business online with lies and insults. If the defamatory remarks are not publicly retracted we will proceed with defamation proceedings.

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