• 718 GTS TUNE AND DYNO - Eurocode Tuning looking for California 91 octane Porsche 718 GTS 9A2B4 APR software tune tester

      APR's tuning for the Porsche 718 GTS platform is coming along but obviously fueling requirements in California are a bit different. Eurocode Tuning who works closely with APR and is located in Torrance, California is looking for a local 718 GTS.

      This GTS would receive free APR tuning software from Eurocode and a free before/after dyno. No charges of any kind for unlocking the ECU.

      Please e-mail Eurocode or message the @info@eurocode account if interested.

      Eurocode Tuning, located in Torrance, is looking for beta software testers for the 9A2B4 718 GTS models.

      We are in the process of validating the California fuel blend (91 octane) version of software produced by APR, LLC.

      This offer includes both a pre and post test dyno session and there is no charge to those who are willing to participate.

      Please email if you would like to join our beta test group.

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