• CSF Radiators/Cooling's 986 awhp EVT1100 upgraded Porsche 991.1 Turbo S runs 186.3 1/2 mile, 60-130 in 4.42

      PorscheBoost readers will recall last month's article on the @CSF Cooling Porsche 991.1 Turbo S. This is one of the baddest 991.1 Turbos out there and certainly on the West Coast making 986 all wheel horsepower courtesy of an EVOMS EVT1100 turbo kit.

      The car is built to the hilt:

      Evospec/CP Forged Piston Set
      Evospec/Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ Carr Bolts
      Evospec Head Stud Kit
      Evospec Press-In Iron Liners - Replaces easily-damaged factory aluminum bores with extremely tough and durable liners
      Evospec Head Gaskets, w/ O-rings
      Evospec Rod Bearings
      OEM Main/Thrust Bearings, OEM Gaskets/seals
      Two new OEM fuel injectors after corrosion was found on original parts
      New OEM Oil Separator

      Borg Warner EFR7163 Ball Bearing Turbochargers
      Turbosmart IWG Actuators and Custom Brackets/Wastegate Rods
      321 Stainless Steel Headers
      Firesleeved/heat protected Turbo Lines/Hardware
      Custom Valved Exhaust, 2.5" Muffler for light load or 2.5" Straight Dump for under boost. Practical for cruising on long freeway drives while supporting basically 1000whp
      3" Aluminum Turbo Inlet Plumbing
      Custom High Flow Intakes/Air Filters, uses stock cold air ducting from decklid to airbox
      Custom High Flow Y-Pipe
      Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake System
      CSF Cooling - 4.5 inch high performance intercoolers
      CSF Cooling - 3-piece all-aluminum radiator kit

      Custom Secondary Port Injection Fuel System
      Twin Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pumps, OE Pump Controllers w/ Relayed Power Supply, High Flow Filters, and Custom Feed/Return Lines for Secondary Fuel System
      DFI System is completely intact and functions with stock ECU plugged in
      SRM Intake Manifold Spacers, Center Intake Plenum, and Fuel Rails
      ID1050x Secondary Injectors

      Syvecs 991 Turbo Plug'n'Play Standalone ECU
      Tuned by Wayne Potts of ISC Tuning
      Full flex fuel support with automatic map blending, 'Map 3 Safe Mode' to prevent car from running full power with weak ethanol blends, etc.
      Custom tuned launch/traction control. Launches soft at 3500rpm to preserve the gearbox and consistently lays down 2.4x 0-60 passes in 100F Phoenix heat.

      Dodson PDK Clutch Upgrade
      Cobb PDK Software, Running 'High Torque Aggressive Map'
      Fresh OEM Filter and Fluid

      That is just some of the some the upgrades but you get the idea. Built motor, built trans, port injection, Syvecs, the works.

      So how quick is the car? Quick:

      60-130 in 4.42 and a 1/2 mile trap of 186.3 making this the fastest 991 Turbo on the West Coast.

      There is more in it as the car continues to get sorted but that is definitely great work for the first pass right off the trailer.

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