• AutoTuner now supports Bosch MD1/MG1 ECU bench reading/writing - BMW M2 Competition, Lamborghini Urus, Audi B9 S4/S5, Porsche 992, Mercedes, etc.

      If you are wondering how some tuners are already dyno tuning certain cars with the Bosch MD1/MG1 ECU, it is because AutoTuner added support to the their tool. MD1 and MG1 are the same basic thing but one is for gasoline vehicles and the other for diesel.

      OBD-II read/write is said to be coming but we will see. OBD-II unlocking for all vehicles still is in development from what we hear. AutoTuner argues there are certain advantages to bench reading and writing versus OBD-II.

      Here is a breakdown by manufacturer regarding this latest development:


      Since a year now, the most recent BMW models can be prepared in OBD. Autotuner now offers the possibility to perform read and write operations in bench. Bench mode allows real reads, which makes tuning possible even in case of missing virtual read. It also open ways to circumvent future OBD protections like those deployed on, for instance, BMW M2 Competition.


      Without contest, the most awaited VAG engines are 1.5 TFSI EA211 evo (130hp (DACA) and 150hp (DADA)), as well as 2.0 TFSI EA888 delivering 190hp (DKTC) or 230hp (DKTA) for the most powerful version. These engines are Euro 6D-TEMP compliant. Besides the 1.5 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI engines, renamed for their uniformity in 35 TFSI, 40 TFSI et 45 TFSI, Audi's customers have great expectations regarding the engine 3.0T V6 (EA839). This new engine will equip the Audi S4, while the 2.9T (EA839) will deliver its power to the Audi RS4. Good news regarding the diesel engines, as we can point out that the 3.0 TDI EA897 evo2 producing 231hp (45 TDI), 286hp (50 TDI) and 357hp (S4 TDI, S6 TDI and S7 TDI) are now supported by Autotuner. The new RS6 and RS7, which are expected in 2020, will be equipped with the 4.0 TFSI. This engine is already available on the Lamborghini Urus. The RS6 et RS7 will rely on the new MG1CS008 ECU, which is now supported by Autotuner.


      Started in 2018, the Lamborghini Urus is undoubtedly the vehicle for which chiptuning support is the most expected by the community. The Urus is powered by the 4.0 TFSI (DCUA) engine that delivers up to 650hp and that will be devoted to the top-of-the-line fleet proposed by VAG.


      Since 2018, Porsche has started the renewing of its entire fleet and they have brought several new gasoline-only engines. These engines are the 3.0T (common to the Audi S4), the 2.9T (common to the Audi RS4) and the 4.0T (Turbo and GTS versions). All are EU6d-temp compliant. Good surprise with the new 911 992 in which engines are controlled by the new Bosch ECU MG1CP007. All current engines (Carrera S 3.0T), as well as those released in the close future (GTS and Turbo expected for September 2019), are already supported in bench by Autotuner (undetectable programming).


      As for BMW, most of the Ford vehicles equipped with a Bosch MG1 ECU are already supported in OBD. The new bench solution complements the support: it allows recover bricked ECUs (caused by, for instance, a miscalibration). Along with the already supported MG1, we add the MD1CS005 that can be found on the 1.5 TDCI EU6 (successor of Bosch EDC17C70).

      Renault - Nissan

      Known to be pioneer on integrating state-of-the-art components into their new engines, Renault has recently released three new engines denoted Blue dCi. The engines come in various versions: 1.5l, 1.7l et 2.0l. The 1.5 is on the market since over a year now, while Renault has recently put up for sale the the 1.7 and 2.0. They are all controlled by the ECU MD1CS006.


      More than three years ago, Mercedes abandoned the mythic 2.1 for the 2.0 diesel (OM654), more compliant to the new environmental standards. The 2.0 diesel (OM654) was certainly the first engine to be equipped with the new Bosch MD1CP001 ECU, which was so far unsupported by any tool. We can also point out some changes regarding the 6-cylinder diesel with the new 2.9l (OM656), also controlled by the MD1CP001. The new inline 6-cylinder mild-hybrid (OM256) denoted as 43AMG, 450 and 53 AMG, is also managed by the new Bosch MG1CP002 ECU. The Bosch MD1CS006 ECU is used on the 1.5dCi (OM608) engine, which is shared with Renault and which equips the Mercedes A W177. Even if this ECU is also used by the French manufacturer, Mercedes provides their own calibration. Uncertainties still remain regarding the new Class A 45AMG. It should be equipped with the MED17.7.7, but could be provided with the Bosch MG1. NB: Latest Mercedes vehicles are equipped with a CPC. CPC is an additional ECU introduced in 2017 by Mercedes in order to control the power and maximum speed, after the powertrain ECU. CPC support is still under investigation.

      Expect to some major jumps forward in tuning for the cars pictured above.

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