• ByDesign introduces Xona 'XR' Porsche 991 Turbo kit - 1000+ horsepower on the factory motor and ECU

      You are seeing more 1000+ horsepower Porsche 991 Turbos done on the stock engine internals and the factory engine control unit (ECU). SRM (Silly Rabbit Motorsport) hit 947 horsepower to all four wheels earlier this month on the factory ECU and engine internals.

      ByDesign is now offering their XR kit which designed for big output using the factory computer and motor.

      This is the result of a collaboration between all the big names you know and love including TiAL, Aviva, Dyno Spectrum, SRM, Kline, IPD, and others.

      The XR kit is build around TiAL/Xona Echo series billet SS turbochargers:

      Our beautiful 3D printed Rocket grade Inconel manifolds are the heart of the design. This is where it all counted. Positioning, if fission C, strategy and practicality even! Manufactured in CA right next to actual rocket parts. Cool stuff! Bolted to them are the amazing, bespoke and first application of TiAL/Xona Echo series mirrored billet SS turbochargers. Thanks to TiAL those were carefully placed in custom made intake and exhaust housings designed for this application. Our good friends and partners in the industry helped collaborate on all of it some from scratch. Aviva with design, Printed Metal did the thing, TiAL covered gas management and lots of turbo goodness with Xona, proven IPD charge piping, a new collaboration with DO88 in Sweden to help us develop an awesome cad designed silicone inlet system, our proven 5.1 Billet intercoolers, Kline exhaust singing as usual, SRM with some awesome and innovative electronics to handle boost and fuel control with the stock ECU, my guys at Cobb AP on board as usual, and my boys at Dyno Spectrum helping pull the strings from street to race and find everything we are looking for from the hardware. World Motorsoprt with the amazing laboratory level fabrication, build and a top notch Dyno has been my headquarters for the last couple of years and we have built quite a friendship and filled a gap in the team we were waiting for! I truly feel we have honored the ultimate Stage 4 with a World Class option for those looking to go next level.
      So what kind of power?

      889 to the wheels on the World Motorsport Mustang which reads high:

      That is definitely over 1000 horsepower at the crank.

      Pictures of development below along with a couple videos. Hopefully we get to see some street cars post some numbers with this setup soon.

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