• Stock internal Porsche 991.1 Turbo with ESMotor ES850R turbo kit breaks into the 8's - 8.95@157.61 1/4 mile

      Well, we knew this was coming after a stock internal Porsche 991.1 Turbo with the ESMotor ES850R kit ran a 9.040 @ 156.79 in the 1/4 mile a couple months back. Congratulations to @Emre@Esmotor who tuned this 991.1 Turbo S for the 8-second run.


      The PDK is upgraded but the engine internals are stock. Methanol injection is assisting with the fueling. There is also some weight stripped out.

      A Syvecs standalone is key here for tuning and making this all work:

      2 weeks ago we picked a bone stock high mileage silver 991 Turbo for shop/development car purposes. With the tremendous success of the bolt on ES850 kits we decided to get our own car to push it further than ever before and crush the stock motor 1/4 Mile record of 9.35 held by one of our customers ( Igor K) white ES850 package car. With that in mind the ES850R was born. Addition of Syvecs S7+ ECU, Dodson clutches and extra 1.5psi max power setting differentiates the ES850R from a standard ES850.

      Couple days later we had the AIM-ESMOTOR 850 kit installed and took the car for some shakedown passes to Indiana ShiftS3ctor where it won the German Car class in ES850 trim with 185.5MPH 1/2 Mile, making it the second fastest stock motor 991s in the 1/2 Mile after our customer emaspeed 186.6MPH yellow ES850 package car.

      We did some fine tuning and weight reduction in the past couple days.

      Last night we took the car to Atco with a plan to dial in the 60ft first and then go for a full pass, since we could only make one full pass before getting kicked out. First hit was a 1.45 60ft and we were shooting for 1.40 to hit 8s, let out. Atco was so packed that the second run didn't come until 11pm and it had to be a full send. Car went 1.43 60ft and 9.04 ET on the Atco clocks and 9.06 on the Dragy with a 156MPH trap.

      Other notable specs and info include:

      0-60 MPH 1.96 Seconds (1ft Roll Out - this method is used by car magazines))
      0-60 MPH 2.25 Seconds (No Roll Out)
      60-130MPH 4.22 Seconds
      100-150MPH 4.26 Seconds
      DA +767ft
      MS109 Fuel
      Mickey Thompson Rear tires
      900WHP tuned on Syvecs by Emre @ ESMotor
      Regular Tuesday night Test & Tune session, no special prep etc...

      This car is the fastest stock motor Porsche in the world on the 1/4 Mile, 60-130MPH, 100-150MPH
      Dyno graph:

      A huge achievement and congratulations to all involved.

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        Payam@BMS -
        This is fantastic, I love the non VTG kits. Look at that curve!
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        That thumbnail of them pulling the front tires is the best thing I have seen all week.