• Kahn Design reveals SuperSport Wide Track 958 Cayenne Body Kit

      Here is a fairly good looking body kit design for the new 958 Cayenne from United Kingdom based tuner Kahn Design. Much of what Kahn does tends to be tacky and overdone but this is one kit that works to a dgree. Obviously it includes wide fenders, a new front bumper, rear diffuser, and spoilers. The fenders are where the car falls apart a bit though as they look somewhat tacky and glued on. The white color of the car doesn't hide this well and but a darker color could off it off better.

      This Cayenne is a Diesel but Kahn Design does not tune it in any fashion. They pretty much just stick to the body and wheels. If the fenders were not multiple pieces attached to the stock body pieces they would look much cleaner. Notice for example the large gap in the front fenders where the wide fenders sort of go around the stock turn signal. Not very clean.

      Considering this is basically just wide fenders added to an otherwise stock car pricing should be reasonable. Pictures are below.

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      1. lulz_m3's Avatar
        lulz_m3 -
        Not a fan. Looks like a Toyota Venza.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        It could be so much better if the damn thing was molded.