• The next generation Porsche 911 expected in 2018 will likely be an electric-gas hybrid

      This really is not shocking but it does hint at a changing of the guard. Hybrid sports cars are here to stay and we will see technology trickle down across various manufacturers. In the case of Porsche it is very easy to see where it will happen. Technology, engineering, and testing employed with the 918 Spyder will find its way into the 911.

      There is no longer debate about hybrid sports cars they are here and they work astonishingly well. The decision is not official for the a hybrid 911 but in a recent interview Porsche CEO Matthias Muller stated, "This hybrid technology has two reasons: one is CO2, but another reason for us for this technology is sportiness. As we have proved in the 918 Spyder it can work. So it can also be a solution for 911.

      He is right, the 918 Spyder proves it can work. By 2018 the idea of a hybrid 911 will pretty much be standard thinking. The more likely question being asked regarding the next generation 911 is if a non-hybrid version will be available.


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      1. E90Company's Avatar
        E90Company -
        This is why American all the way. #NAV8
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Even the Americans will go hybrid.
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        leveraged sellout -
        Every car will be a turbo hybrid at some point. Some might stay NA but will still be a hybrid. It's just the new reality. Don't like it, vote differently.

        A 10,000 rpm 4 liter GT3 with 600 hp and an ass-ton of torque would actually be pretty cool though.
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        Sticky -
        You are right. It is the new reality.