• 2018 991.2 GT3 RS going to 4.2 liter flat-6 with 518 horsepower? Rendering

      We know a 991.2 GT3 and GT3 RS are on the way. The RS model was spotted testing on the 'Ring in the summer last year. That is when the 4.2 liter flat-6 rumors started and the car is expected to add 25 horses on top of the current GT3 RS with its 4.0 liter 493 horsepower flat-6.

      This is basically the end of the line for the naturally aspirated Porsche flat-6 as there will not be much more displacement to gain. At least Porsche is sending it off in ultimate form.

      4.2 liters is indeed possible as Champion Motorsport showed us with a bored and stroked 997 GT3 RS that made 485 wheel horsepower at 4.2 liters of displacement. That was with the previous port injected 'Mezger' architecture however.

      We'll see what Porsche squeezes out of their naturally aspirated flat-6 for a final hurrah.

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      1. boostedmaserati's Avatar
        boostedmaserati -
        Good God that's sexy, and I imagine with the displacement increase we will also see a nice torque gain. Porsche has some huge balls and it's refreshing
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I love it too. Just a shame this is about the end of the line.
      1. boostedmaserati's Avatar
        boostedmaserati -
        I know, the end of a true legend
      1. benzy89's Avatar
        benzy89 -
        Love this. But I'm more excited about the return of the GT2 and a manual trans being put back in GT3
      1. Surquhar's Avatar
        Surquhar -
        Wow - if only
      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        I have a feeling that 992 GT3s will use NA + hybrid, they stated a while back that the GT3 would always be NA, and I took "always" to mean at least a couple more generations. I think that would be preferable anyway. And would fit what they're trying to do with those cars.

        According to those who would know on Rennlist - the 991.2 GT3s will get a heavily revised version of the flat 6 based on the race version of the engine that they're using currently, basically a new Mezger. Would surprise me if they went to all that trouble just for half a generation. Might have the GT3 at 4 liters, the RS at 4.2. That would be perfect.

        A manual 991.2 GT3 RS will definitely be one of the most wonderful and insane cars money can buy. Have to start saving....
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        Sticky -
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        Have to start saving....
        It will be close to $200k but should hold its value if the 911 R is anything to go by.