• Porsche quits 24 Hours of Le Mans LMP1 racing for Formula E

      Well, this is great news for Formula E but terrible news for Le Mans. Just the other day Mercedes-AMG announced it is quitting DTM racing after 2018 in order to focus on Formula E. Porsche is going to join them in Formula E.

      Porsche won Le Mans for the past three years. Their return to Le Mans racing was very successful and they remain the all time leader in overall wins with 19.

      This possibly opens the door for Audi who is second all time with 13 but with money tightening at VAG who knows. Audi quit to not compete against Porsche.

      Well, only Toyota is left and if the only way they can achieve an LMP-1 victory is with everyone else quitting that is not much fun or all that competitive.

      What happens to the LMP1 class from here is anyone's guess.

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        Mercedes quit DTM for Formula E too.
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        Mercedes quit DTM for Formula E too.
        Literally the second sentence of the article Click here to enlarge
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        I guess I should learn to read Click here to enlarge
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        Not entirely surprising after what happened at Le Mans this year. The LMP1 class was lucky to win at all, considering how many cars dropped out due to technical difficulties. If you combine this with the gigantic costs needed to develop these cars, I can see that the return on investment is quite poor.

        In addition to that, Porsche is still involved in the Dieselgate scandal, and now for the first time the German state has actually banned an entire range of cars from being sold (Cayenne Diesel). They probably canceled their LMP1 car program also as a precaution, to have more funds available for potential lawsuits and fines.

        Formula E is a laughingstock and IMO has nothing to do with motorsports or racing. It's purely a marketing platform to promote electronic mobility. But I guess that's where the priority lies nowadays, after car manufacturer are under so much pressure lately.