• Esmotor is the first to get a Porsche into the 7's - 997 GT2 runs 7.95@190.09

      A great achievement here by Esmotor who is the first tuner to get 7-second pass out of Porsche. They managed to improve on their 8.000 @ 188.32 pass from early this year and finally broke that elusive 7-second barrier.

      Now, for a huge achievement it is somewhat amusing that it is presented in such an amateur manner. First of all, where is the slip? Showing the Bahrain dragstrip board through grainy video is amateur hour stuff.

      Does nobody in the Middle East own an HD camera? Is all their money tied up in six-figure plus cars? It is the end of 2017 and these guys still haven't figured out how to shoot high definition video.

      Furthermore, where is the build list? What changed from the last outing? What are the specs? How was this achieved?

      Fortunately, BoostAddict got some info from @Emre@Esmotor last time the car ran:

      Quote Originally Posted by Esmotor
      The car has our 4.3L high revving complete ES2X engine package
      Fully custom sequential transmission. Its running on VP racing fuel.We haven't dynoed it yet, but we estimate its running around 1800whp.It has drag radial tires as you can see in other angle videos.
      They may be running record times but they have a long way to go before they start presenting their achievements on par with what is expected today.


      Slip found on social media:

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