• 911 on 911 action - Porsche 991.2 GT3 Touring vs. 991.2 Carrera T track battle

      Great to see these two 911's matched up against each other as they offer arguably the purest driving experiences in the 911 lineup. The 911 Carrera T is of course turbocharged using the Carrera 9A2B6 and the 911 GT3 Touring is naturally aspirated with the GT3's potent flat-6.

      Both are manual transmission examples. The Touring only comes with a manual but the 911 T has a PDK option. It is a shame they did not choose the PDK to narrow the performance gap and show what a value the 911 T is.

      Additionally, it is a shame they did not drag race the cars or post data from the Monza circuit. It looked like the cars were neck and neck but without data to verify it is tough to say.

      Sport Auto focuses on laptimes and the 911 GT3 Touring unsurprisingly decisively wins by just over one and a half seconds around the track. However, the 911 T does very well for a fraction of the cost and with equal power it would be interesting to see.

      There is no denying the 911 T is the greatest value when it comes to a driver's 911 in the Porsche lineup and it is great to see Porsche producing both turbo and naturally aspirated options. Ideally, a garage would have both.

      Onboard sport auto-Testredakteur Christian Gebhardt im Porsche 911 Carrera T und 911 GT3 mit Touring-Paket in den Steilkurven von Monza und im Autodromo di Modena, Rundenzeiten 911 Carrera T: 1.03,0 min, 911 GT3: 1.01,4 min. Mehr in Sport Auto 4/2018.

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        that . was. borring zzzzz.
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        that . was. borring zzzzz.
        I mean we see the dividends of the GT3 suspension.
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        This video really showcases the 991.2 chassis. Great for daily driving or track. Manuals are meant for the street but this is an interesting comparison. On a longer track the gt3 would obviously run away.... stock