• BoostAddict developing Porsche 991.2 3.0 9A2B6 intercooler water spray system

      The PorscheBoost Project 991.2 2017 Carrera currently has an Aquamist HFS4 methanol injection system for cooling. After speaking with some knowledgeable industry insiders we decided, why not expand this system to offer an intercooler spray system similar to the 911 GT2 RS?

      Yes, the 991.2 GT2 RS has an intercooler misting system from the factory:

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      To complement the expansion intake manifold, two large intercoolers at the rear of the vehicle supply the engine with cooled charging air. Under extreme conditions, the newly developed spray system sprays atomised water on the intercooler networks, allowing a thermostable charging air feed.

      Maximum output is therefore maintained for longer, even at high exterior temperatures. The tank holds 5 litres of water and is easily accessible in the luggage compartment. A display on the on-board computer shows you when it needs refilling.
      To help with cooling the system will spray the intercoolers with water which then evaporates. This is nothing new in the aftermarket but it is nice to see OEM's embracing water spraying and in the case of BMW water injection.

      An additional distilled water reservoir can be added similar to the GT2 RS setup:

      A water/methanol controller capable of handling two pumps would be applied and programmed.

      This way you could have the ultimate cooling system with not only water/meth injection for the motor but water misting for upgraded intercoolers which should alleviate any heat soak problems even at much high power levels and in warm weather. will keep you updated on the development.

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