• TopSpeed Motorsports increases their 991 Turbo horsepower record to 1286 whp + How much power it takes to clear 200 mph in the 1/2 mile

      You may recognize this Porsche 991.1 Turbo S build from a previous article where TopSpeed Motorsports showed it producing 1130 horsepower at the wheels. Well, that number is now 1286 horsepower at the wheels.

      They had some room on the table and increased boost among other undisclosed details on their 4.0 liter build to hit 1286 whp:

      You can see a large top end gain from the previous setup:

      That 1130 wheel horsepower output was good enough for 193 in the 1/2 mile. Cranked up 1286 they set the 991 platform record with a 201.97 mile per hour half mile pass.

      This gives you an idea as to the power necessary to run 200+ half mile traps.

      Further details on the car and question/answer below.

      Block is sleeved and reinforced. Heads are ported.

      1. With worked out heads, can you do more than 7500k rpm? Do you plan on selling parts individually of that build?

      We shift the car higher on the track and yes it has the capability to go much higher than 7500. I stop the power at 7500rpm on the dyno simply because based on the curve I know what it's going to do for the next xxxx RPM and I don't need my competitors knowing what we spin the car to to make it fast.

      2. Realistically speaking, I know the PDK now is the weak link, but how much you estimate the engine can make? Whp and wtq?

      This is a hard question to answer, given the components we used on the build and tech we used for the head and head gasket I would estimate and be comfortable to about 1500whp without issue. However that is assuming the factory crank will stay happy at those power levels as well. Always fun being the leader on things which by default ensures finding the limits of components falls on you LOL!!

      3. How similar those 9A1 in a 991 versus 997.2? Meaning can the build be done on a 997.2? Since it's a lighter car but probably 991 is a little better for half mile runs

      For sure similar enough to be able to do a similar build on! I have not had a 997.2 apart and before my eyes but having build .1 997 and 991 I'm confident in saying it would be no issue to build.

      4. Do you support E85? This is something missing from the 9A1 line up so far

      This car is running ethanol yes sir!

      5. Why 4.0 not 3.8 or even 4.2 liter?

      I would honestly go less displacement before I would go more and I would certainly never do a stroker! These things already spool a 1500hp turbo crazy fast with the right .ar combination I can't imagine trying to throw more exhaust pressure into the turbine housing. The reason we did a 4.0 (which is probably more like a 3.9) is simply because the sleeve technology and piston design worked out best that way. I would very easily stay with a 3.8 but the block wouldn't be quite as strong. Although, you would give up so little it wouldn't matter at this power level. If someone for sure wanted a 3.8 I would do it with full confidence. I however would not want to go any bigger than a 4.0 unless it was a much much bigger turbo setup than this that was being driven on the street.

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