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    Precision 6466 single turbo E82 135i N54 vs. E85 C6 ZR1, tuned Camaro ZL1, GT500, nitrous C6, etc.

    Here is a single turbo E82 135i that is fairly potent. The lighter weight of the E82 1-Series certainly helps. The car is on the stock N54 internals and stock automatic transmission. The power output ranges depending on the runs but it is said to go up to roughly 700 horsepower.

    Click here to enlarge

    The first fun is against a C6 ZR1 with an E85 tune. The 135i is in kill mode. Kill it does as the ZR1 looks to have some trouble shifting.

    Next up is a new Camaro ZL1 10-speed automatic with some mild tuning. The ZL1 pulls.

    A GT500 tries its luck next against the 135i in a slightly lower state of tune. The GT500 needs some more mods.

    Another ZL1 run but this one is a 5th gen Camaro ZL1. A great run that is close but the ZL1 edges.

    Now something on par with the 135i's weight. A C6 Grand Sport with nitrous. The 135i is able to open up a lead and hold it off.

    Finally, a mildly modified LS2 C6 tries its luck and is dusted.

    Definitely a stout 135i in that sweet spot before needing to build the motor and trans.

    135 mods
    Single kit with fender exit exhaust
    E boost 2 boost controller with mhd
    6466 gen 2 bb
    VTT single barrel shotgun e50 mix1
    5 inch wheel conversion
    Walbro 450

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    Finally, only took 8 years lol

    Zr1 would have killed it, dont know if that was a mis-shift or what. I love how as the races get closer the "rated HP" of the 135 goes down lol.. riiiiight..

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