A ton of highway runs here. We all know German cars excel on the highway so great to see a tuned F13 M6 get to stretch its legs against some high end hardware. The F13 M6 is tuned with PP-Performance Stage 2 software and it has exhaust modifications.

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Let's start with the first set of runs that have the M6 run an LP640 Murcielago and a turbo upgraded Porsche 991.1 Turbo S. The M6 beats the Lamborghini which is to be expected but the Turbo S runs away from both.

A stock 997.2 Turbo is next and it does not stand a chance.

Another stock car in the form of an Audi R8 V10 Plus tries the M6. It loses easily.

How about a tuned C7 RS6? The M6 pulls away as well.

Yet another naturally aspirated Italian V12 tries its luck in the form of a Ferrari FF. They dodge a bit of traffic but the M6 is clearly the faster car.

A tuned M157 AMG gets in the mix. This is a W212 E63 and the M6 beats up on it too.

Here is another AMG M157 in the form of a CLS63 with a Stage 2 tune. They go at it in way too much traffic. They regroup and an AMG finally gets a win. Another subsequent run is broken up by traffic. They keep going at it and the CLS63 is the faster car.

Some good highway runs.